The girl from yesterday

…… And then we promised that we would come back
As two friends in a tomorrow,
When everything would have been forgotten
But we would once again fondly long for each other
And for the time when we were young….

And today you are like a kid
Returning from a yesterday so far away
The promise, like me, has been the fire to warm your heart
Me, the girl from yesterday

Although love has drifted away, its echo remains
And if we belong together, I will return
To make you see flowers pouring down like rains to color all the roads

But life seems to remain as it is and I am not returning
And it is forever true that you are not growing younger
Time elapses as a shooting star which crosses us in a moment of time

For many years you’ve been away from happiness
Now you want to be with me
This life is too short, but the longing is too long
And we have grown mature enough
To wish that we can be younger
Like yesterday.

(Translated from the song Cô gái đến t hôm qua)


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