A brick – Một cục gạch

Too busy!!! I am  laying a brick* down here so that I will be able to return with a more decent post later. Quá bận không viết được. Đặt một cục gạch ở đây hôm nay vậy.

IBM’s slogan is “Think”.

Not too long after that, IBM’s competitor – Apple – came up with a slogan: “Think Different”.

Slogan của IBM là “Nghĩ”.
Chẳng bao lâu sau đó, đối thủ của IBM là Apple đưa ra slogan “Nghĩ khác đi”.
Nguồn: Google+

in the budget subsidy system which used to exist in Vietnam before 1986, people queued up for food and other substance/materials. They often came to the stores early, laid down their bricks, then left to do other things, then came back to the stores again, looked for their bricks, then stood in queue where their bricks were.

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