The girl from yesterday – Cô gái đến từ hôm qua

Today I was asked whether I still remembered Russian. It has been 5 years since I left Moscow and hardly have I used the language since. My speaking and reacting to conversations might be much slower now, but listening and reading are still not too bad… Let me make a quick translation from Russian into English an old ’80 Moscovich song, which I hardly know of but came across the lyrics the other day on a friend’s Facebook. (Translation time: 40 mins)

Mình dịch một bài hát Nga sang tiếng Anh. Chưa có thời gian và cảm hứng chuyển thể sang tiếng Việt. Bài viết này, do đó, không có nội dung tiếng Việt. Mong các bạn thông cảm.

Одна девчонка в шестнадцать лет
Поверила в счастье, которого нет
А кто она, как ее зовут –
Вы догадайтесь сами
A young lady in her sixteen
Believed in happiness, which she’d never seen
Who is this lady, what is her name
You yourself make a claim
И вот однажды с улыбкой злой
Ее избранник, ее герой
Сказал спокойно: “Давай с тобой
Мы будем просто друзьями”
Then one day with a hurtful smile
Her chosen man, hero of her life
Coldly said goodbye: Me and you
We will be just friends.
Синие лебеди, светлые сны
Гордые птицы волшебной весны
Вы обманули меня, улетели за дальние дали
Синие лебеди, где же вы, где?
Тени от крыльев на синей воде
Вы же любовь от беды уберечь мне обещали
Blue swans of my delightful dreams
Proud birds of a spring so miraculous
You’ve deceived me by flying so far away
Where are you now, blue swans, where are you?
Shadows of your wings are still seen in the blue water
So is your promise to love and keep me safe forever
Одна девчонка в шестнадцать лет
Купила на поезд плацкартный билет
И нес куда-то ее экспресс
Летел за окнами осенний лес
A young lady in her sixteen
Purchased a train ticket
Let herself be carried away
Autumn forests flashed by outside the windows
Катилось детство по щекам
Хрустальными слезами
Just like in childhood
Rolling down her cheeks
Were crystal tears


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